About Infinitus


Infinitus is a member of a group of companies that was founded over 120 years ago. Infinitus itself was founded in 1992 with the mission to advocate and modernize the 5,000 year old traditional Chinese herbal health philosophy that focuses on the principles of balance, affluence and harmony to people around the world. With the astounding success of its China market since 1992, Infinitus moves on to expand beyond its China borders into the international arena. Infinitus products are created to specifically nourish the body in order for it to balance the body's nutrients in a natural way and to regulate and revitalize the functions of the vital organs in our body.


Infinitus is committed to delivering only quality and efficacious products that benefit everyone. The proprietary and reliable Sophisticated Efficacy Verification System is employed throughout the research periods and each new product is strictly tested under a series of processes before it is introduced to the mass market. The sources, functions, safety and stability of every ingredient used are stringently monitored to ensure that every Infinitus product is superior in terms of quality as well as effectiveness.


Infinitus was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification as a result of its effective specialized extraction method for premium Traditional Chinese Herbs, and the GMP in line with its efficient automated production line that complies with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) principles and also the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) in line with its total compliance in food hygiene and safety standards.


Infinitus' R&D team consists of highly qualified Scientists and Engineers working in consultation with the distinguished Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB is made up of a team of prominent experts, academicians and researchers from renowned authorities and institutions such as the Tsinghua University, China Health Care Technical Association, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Southern Medical University, Sun Yet-Sen University and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


With their professional expertise and experience in Food Science, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Science, Biochemistry and Fine Chemistry, the SAB is able to provide valuable insights and professional support to Infinitus in terms of the best product formulations, optimum process techniques, Traditional Chinese Medicine theories, product technical training, as well as new product development efforts.


Infinitus Scientific Advisory Board


Professor Robert Ko
Traditional Chinese Herbs R&D Advisor
* Professor of The HK University of Science and Technology
* Ph.D. in Pharmacology, Columbia University, Canada
* Member of The New York Academy of Sciences, USA
* Member of the Society of Chinese Bio-scientists in America
* Emeritus advisor of the University Hospital Health Testing Centre, Macau University of Science and Technology


Professor Guoping Cai
Nutrition And Nutrition Balancing Advisor
* Professor of Tsinghua University (THU)
* Director of Life Science Department, THU Graduate School at Shenzhen
* Assistant researcher of Sanitation Institute of Chinese Academy of Medical Science
* Adjunct professor of Thomas Jefferson University, Japanese Functional Peptide Institute of Case Western Reserve University and The Hong Kong University of Scientific and Technology


Professor Hongzhu Deng
Health Products Technology Advisor
* Professor of Southern Medical University (SMU)
* Auditory expert of the State Food and Drug Administration PRC
* Committee member of the Military TCM Pharmacological Committee PRC
* Editor of China Journal of Chinese Herbal


Professor Qi Wang
TCM Theory Advisor
* Professor of Beijing University Of Chinese Medicine (BUCM)
* Committee member of the academy committee of BUCM
* Director of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association
* Chairman of International Physical Research Association


Professor Weikang Wu
Integrative Traditional and Western Medicine (IT/WM) Research Advisor
* Professor of Sun Yet-Sen University (SYSU)
* Vice-chairman of China IT/WM Association
* Vice-chairman of Guangdong Pathophysiological Association
* Adjunct professor of Southern Medical University, Macau University of Science and Technology, Shantou University and Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine


Professor Gongming Yang
Food Nutrition and Function Evaluation Advisor
* Dean of Food College of South China Agricultural University
* Committee member of China Food Science Association
* Executive director of Guangdong Food Association
* Executive director of Farm Products Processing Branch of China Agriculture Association


Professor Minquan Zhou
TCM Formulation Advisor
* Member of the health product audit committee of Chinese Ministry of Health
* Member of the TCM professional committee of Military TCM association PRC
* Auditory expert of Military Clinical Medical Health PRC
* Auditory expert of Guangdong Natural Science Foundation