"Infinitus helps to prevent illness,

prevent illnesses from worsening

and prevent relapses."

Do you have these


We suggest these


Colds, fever, lung and throat

infections, coughs, asthma, urinary

infections, insomnia, overweight,

diabetes, hyperthyroidism,

problems with digestion, liver,

kidney and heart problems, high

cholesterol, high blood pressure,

stroke, easily and often sick

Premium Nutrients For Better Health
Premature aging Lingzhi Spore

Cancer, tumors, chemotherapy side

effects, bad skin

Royal Lingzhi Plus

High cholesterol levels, high

blood pressure, have suffered a


Seal Oil

Depression, worry, insomnia

Yi Hua Capsules

Poor blood circulation, dizzy spells,


Yi Rui Capsules

Bad skin, a weak skeletal structure

Collagen Drink

Stomach bloating, spleen or stomach


Gest-Aid Plus
Diabetes Gluko-Aid Plus
Anemia i-Tonic

Child with poor concentration, poor

appetite, poor academic

performance or slow growth

Tonic (For Children)

Lack of energy, fatigue, kidney

infections, problems breathing,

poor memory, prostate problems,

tinnitus, difficulties in conceiving

Tonic (For Men)

Hot flashes, a temperamental

disposition, difficulties in conceiving

Tonic (For Women)

Oral ulcers, excessive drinking,

smoking problems

Hawthorn Plus

Smoking addiction, damaged lungs

Lily Bulb Plus
Liver problems Nutri-Soy Meal

Child with protein or amino acid


Nutri-Soy Meal (For Children)
Calcium deficiency Calcium

Aging, shortness of breath, anxiety

attacks, slow to regain strength

after illness, damaged liver cells

Schisandra Plus
Bad breath Herbal Fresh Lozenge